December 11th, 2011 by lost_soul

My boyfriend recently told me of a dream he had about us. He said that we were in an unfamiliar car with a black interior, driving down a country highway, laughing and enjoying the ride. It sounded nice and I, being a natural dream analyst, immediately deciphered it as his mind translating to him that our relationship is a journey with an unknown destination and undisclosed factors that we will enjoy together.

or something like that.

Later, I too had a dream about us. Except I saw that he cheated on me and slept with a blonde girl and we broke up and all I felt was numb. I don’t really remember the details of the dream, like the location or my surroundings, but from what I can figure out from what I remember, I think this is how my brain is portraying my reaction and emotions to men leaving me in general.

it’s interesting how one can look into others’ minds and yet cannot even understand their own thoughts

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