foster care

  December 8th, 2011 by

Hey everyone, how are you guys? Look i know many of you don’t like my post, but im not going to preach (as some of you say), i just want someone to listen… and i would like it if you all leave a comment. Anyway i am 15 and i am in foster care, and i promise you I HATE IT!!! I had a episode and i almost got sent to another foster home. So if i was to move homes again my next place is Savannah! I don’t want to go there because then i won’t get to see my family. The only reason they will put me down there is because i’ve been in 15 placements, and there aren’t any more homes around in this area here for me. Im so scared. i have been trying so hard to be good, but it is getting harder every day. i have God by my side, but sometimes i still feel lonely so will someone please talk with me? I am only 15 and i have been through things i should never been put through, please pray for me (CJ). I do know that suicide is not my answer, but i just can’t seem to stop struggling. Anyway PLEASE HELP ME!!! my foster mom doesn’t seem to care to much for me, because she doesn’t help me with my problems, and she is always threatening to make a phone call to my case worker to send me to Savannah. But she only does that when i have a little episode. Please someone what should i do??? Im so tired of everything, and i most certainly don’t want to go to a hospital!!!

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