December 15th, 2011 by drowningagain

As Christmas approaches i know this is a very hard time for a lot of you out there, myself as well.  Lately I’ve been trying to see the good in life and search within myself for the strength to get myself through the holidays.  My day’s seem long and hopeless i’m just hoping that christmas passes quickly this year and look forward to the new year and thing’s getting better.

I’ve screwed up a lot these past few years i’m really trying to rebuild what was broken.. I’ve always been a people pleaser and lately i’ve been trying to focus on just doing nice things for people i care about.  But if your depressed you need to remember to do nice things for yourselves as well so to all of you out there hurting please do me a favor and do one nice thing just for yourself over the holidays.  One nice thing just for yourself each day and try to keep up your spirit this holiday season; it’s going to get better i’m trying to stay positive with the belief that it’s going to get easier as the days go by.  I’m sending out all my love to everyone out there who is hurting too never forget there is someone out there who is hurting just like you, and may you find comfort in the thought that although we may never meet face to face someone out there loves you.

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