i feel like dying

  December 11th, 2011 by aloneindenver

I’m completely alone in the world and want to die. I graduated college and was an idiot throughout, so I didn’t get any job offers. I have so many regrets and would give anything to go back to those days and change some things. I now work for my dad and live back in my teenage bedroom. I feel like I had a great opportunity to make something of myself and I blew it all away. And now I have to live out the rest of my life in complete shit. I will never make any money, have any friends, or have a girlfriend. I want to die more than anything. Every day is a struggle and I want it to just go away. I have never been as smart or talented other people my age. Even in sports I was horrible. Posting on a website like this is my last resort. I have tried so hard to appreciate my life and find ways to enjoy it but I just end up hating myself every time. I am despicable and wish I was never born.

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