So-called mental health professionals

  December 8th, 2011 by damaged

Since a brief stint of involuntary commitment more than six months ago, I have fantasized a lot about killing or hurting the doctors who locked me up. In my less enraged moments, I settle for slashing their faces rather than killing them. I fantasize that the scars disfiguring their faces will be like marks of Cain showing the world what monsters they are on the inside. Yes, I would go to prison and society as a whole would condemn me as a mentally ill maniac. But I would have a chance to proclaim my side of the story in court. I would tell the world that just because it was legal for the psychiatrists to assert totalitarian control over my life, to bully and threaten the use of force against me, does not make it morally right, or medically effective, for that matter. I would point out that slavery was once legal in this country and defended by judges such as the one would would sentence me; that rape victims in Saudi Arabia can be tried for adultery; and that the involuntary commitment law under which I was imprisoned is just one more instance of a legal system protecting the interests of powerful victimizers.

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