What’s the point…?

  December 9th, 2011 by Jamie-S11

Seriously… What’s the point in life? People feel depressed and low a lot more than they feel happy. Constant worrying about money, relationships, family, etc. Working non stop to stay alive but for what reason? Life only really starts when you retire but is it worth living in depression for 65 years… No. Whenever you look at the front of a newspaper is it ever happy news? Whenever you see someone in the street are they ever smiling? Does any marriage not end up in divorce and court cases regarding custody of kids who end up traumatised (excuse the spelling) by the whole experience? Does any ‘friend’ not ***** about you behind your back? The only 2 weeks of the year I feel remotely happy is when I’m on holiday but I’m 19 now so I’m too old to go away with my parents. I’ve applied for a college course and couldn’t care less if I get accepted or not. If I do It’ll be something to do but if I don’t I’ll continue to watch movies all day for another year and apply for something else next year. In one of my previous posts I said I couldn’t kill myself because of my mum but I really want this pish to end. Pish is a Scottish word for piss btw. I have a few ‘friends’ but I never get asked to go anywhere with them or to social events. I don’t blame them really, I wouldn’t want to be seen with in public either. I’ve been called nearly every word in the English language. All I do is try to fit in but I just don’t. I’m just a boring person now, incapable of having fun. So again I ask the question….. What’s the point? Cheers for taking the time to read this.

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