Incest (that’ll catch your attention)

April 30th, 2012by RogueShadow1281

I have begun writing a story on war. Hopefully, I can make it detailed and descriptive, yet still interesting. It’s a war story, based on the near future where the government goes completely corrupt, ruled by the Illuminati and the rich. There are the NUSA, which is the New United States Army/of America, but might change it to something less to the point. 

There’s  Rogue Shadow’s Units/Union(RSU), introducing Rogue Shadow as the leader and consists of a expanding band of Rogues, which are plainly living shadows most likely infused with humans, some are shadows that move of their own free will. Religious people would consider them demons, but I’m not religious. They are created by the dark shards, fragments of glass-like emeralds that give the power of darkness. They are based on the chaos emeralds from Sonic the Hedgehog, my absolute favorite TV show. Rogue Shadow is by far the most powerful, and is half-human with a boy named Nate (my name is Nathan, and Rogue is my alter-ego, so it suits him). 

There’s a militia, gangs, and even bandits/raiders. There’s plenty of mercenaries, and PMC’s. Blackwater is referenced a lot as being contractors for the NUSA. 

Anyways, back to my life and not some story that I will probably never finish. I won’t explain if I’m depressed or not just explain my situation. I am currently madly in love with my cousin and no matter what you say, I can’t change the fact that I wish to be with her. I was close to dying, if the gun show actually permitted live ammo there or a shooting range. Sadly it did not, but my cousin confessed she has feelings for me, and saved me from certain death. I have a choice, follow through with her being my secret girlfriend, or give up completely and that will probably be a long, winding, and dark road. My story, for example, will take a pessimistic and dark turn, and I will have a higher tendency for suicide. 

I forgot to begin with a few questions. What is love? What is true love? What does it mean to be in love? Does love really triumph over all? If so, would true love be considered bad just because it’s between relatives? Einstein and Poe married their cousins. Why not I? 

Is it really because of them being in a earlier time? I envy them for being allowed to fall in love. I fell in love with Nycolle and was rejected, that ripped me apart, now I fall again for my cousin and I should just give up? After how she feels the same. I expected people to relate to me, maybe feel sympathy. I guess not. 

Anyways that’s just a rant, maybe I’m missing some key point. I am ignorant of people hating me for it, but I guess I should be completely secretive about it. I am also ignorant of the fact that people don’t think it’s right. I want to be happy, and not depressed, it will take time getting used to. I love Jasmine and yet I feel horny for her and vice versa, that will most likely not happen, or I won’t tell anyone about it, from the reactions you people have. Society makes us hide, we are our own society on OSP, I guess I must hide incest on here too. 

Ut mortem occupet nos. 
May death overtake us. See you in hell or wherever we may be taken, especially as an atheist with Christian footings (as in grown up as a christian-esque thing. 

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