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by AW92

Today is the day to enroll in that shitty tafe course I mentioned before enrollments have to be done by 3… And it is now 11:51am
Im still in bed thinking about how I’m not going to waste 1600 on something I’m going to fail, besides I don’t ever have that money! I will never have that money with the amount of shifts I get.
I got onE shift this week for 5 hours oh that’s helpful. Not.
Hm I’ve applied for nightclub work but like usuall no ones bothered to contact me, I suppose it’s only been 2 days but hm.
I’m also dying my hair blue before the end of this week, I like looking different I enjoy negative and positive attention, I thrive off negative attention though. I look like the typical girl next door though but I’m always changing my hair to unnatural colors.
Hm oh I realized that I am a bit more fcked up than I first though when I was in the back seat with this girl and her seatbealt wouldn’t go in the clip thing and she’s all like “oh my got the seatbelt wont work drive save I don’t want to die” like what? I didn’t even try to put mine on :S

Hm I did get my license! Hooray
But that’s going to eat the only few $$$ to my name.
I don’t really know what I’m going to do, I’m 20 in December and I have no plans to do anything I don’t even have dreams about traving to Europe, I just hope I end up somewhere other than western Australia, if I die here I’ll be DISAPOINTED with my self a little more.
I’ve also started staying in my room all day now, all I do is sleep and think.. I can’t do anything at all
I don’t know how to do anything either but that’s because I’m stupid anyway, ask my sister, she’s 18 in October and has a diploma in make up but no job ha she’s on anti depressants and she has always gotten what she wants, mums spent $700 for her clothes and she’s never offered to buy me anything ever since I got my first job at 15.
My wardrobe consists of one pair of jeans a hoodie and two singlet tops, that’s all I usuall wear because I have no fashion science and I can’t afford clothes hm.

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