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Break Seal in Case of Emergency

by DogBoy

I _______ __________ , being of sound mind and body. Make my last request. In the event I suffer from any of the following and cannot verbally relay my last wishes.

If I have a stroke, heart attack, comatose, brain dead in any form yet still display vital signs.
I do not wish to be kept alive on any form of life support. I wish to pass on. My prolonged life will not be beneficial to me or any poor soul that may survive me. I cannot afford to be artificially kept alive. God will understand.
I have done the best I can all the time regardless of self. for God and my kids and if anyone is reading this then, my effort on this earth has ended. I wish to be cremated with all my body parts. I want to leave this world with everything I had when I came into this world.
My request is simple so that there can be no mistake.
May I find the peace in death that I could not find in life.
God have mercy on me for I am weak, heal my bones for they be vexed, heal my spirit for it has broken.
I love you kids.
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