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Here’s how I feel

by MichelleJ

1. It’ss ok to die whenever you want to.
2. It’s ok to try to find other ways of living if you think you’re not at the end of your tether yet.
3. Nobody ha the right to tell anybody what to do.
4. It’s not shameful to talk about suicide.
5. As much as it’s ok to die whenever, just don’t die over trivial little matters please!
6. People who don’t want their significant others/family/friends to die, need to consider why they’re suicidal in the first place, and help them.
7. You’re allowed to vent and rant! Express yourself however you want, just don’t deliberately hurt others without very very good reason.
8. Don’t worry what anybody thinks of you. You’re your own boss. It’s not up to anyone to live your life for you.
9. Try to enjoy life as much as you can. Life might or might not be worth it, but try to find some enjoyment out of it anyway.
10. If life can’t be enjoyable and there’s no good options for you, don’t let anybody get in the way of what you wish to do to relieve your suffering. You know yourself best, and you know what works for you better than anyone. If people try to change you, then tell them that they need to consider where you’re at before convincing you to think differently. People who genuinely care will support you all the way, even if it’s very hard to do so. Remember it’s your life to do whatever you want with it.


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iamsara198 6/16/2013 - 11:47 pm

I have to say I really like number 6. Some people know that people they love are siting at home depressed thinking suicidal thoughts and must be very lonely and they say they love you and all that. But yet instead of dragging that person out and doing fun things like maybe going to movies, going to a party and getting drunk (very fun) they leave them siting there alone and go on about their own life. Then at the funeral they act like they gave a dam an cry an shit but if they really cared why in the hell did they leave them siting alone.

MichelleJ 6/16/2013 - 11:57 pm

That’s right! Most of my family is liike that. I swear to God I only have like four or even five people in the family who genuinely care enough to keep me sane enough. Even if I find them annoying sometimes I can’t blame them because I’d rather tell them that I’m fine just leave me alone, then for them to not give a frig at all. I’d rather tell them to give me some space and I’d rather tell them thanks for the day out and whatnot, then to wish they’d dragged me away from my place and all that. I’d rather that they’d not wish they’d done more to help me when it’s too late. So yeah I agree with you completely.

xXFrejaShinePawsXx 6/17/2013 - 12:36 am

Freaking amen to that…

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