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Poor Talia R.I.P. & Fuck Cancer.

by Deyanight

I hate OWLS. It’s said if you hear an owl cry it means someone you know is going to die.

I thought I was done hearing them after my boyfriends cousin died from Cancer last summer. Today I find out that Talia died. I’m so sorry for anyone who has or knows someone who’s going through this. Idk, I just decided to write what I felt because I’m sad, and all this brings memories from when Ernie my boyfriends cousin passed away. I always thought life was so hard for me, but it’s harder for people suffering.

Rest in piece to all the souls that were taken away so young, if you guys know who Talia is please send prayers to her family. & for those who don’t know Talia, well she was a makeup guru only 13 on YoutTube she died today at 11:22 AM. She was a big inspiration to me and others, so for those who don’t know her please also said positive energy to her family, and keep them in your prayers.

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