my step sister

January 6th, 2014by itsnotokaynoelle

my step sister is sooo fucking annoying! I hate her soo much sometimes!! I went downstairs and come back up to find her snooping thru my computer!! what the fuck??? so I came in and saw her closed the door behind me and she was like mortified like I was going to kill her which I did.(jkjk I didn’t kill her I wish tho) and I started screaming at her I look at the computer and shes looking at my fucking history on the favorites bar….I wish she would just grow up and move out! and she only fucking 10 years old!!!omg I might die tonight. I mean I don’t have anything bad on my history except for SP and facebook. she better be sleeping with one eye open cuz whatever payback I think of… its going to be good. 🙂

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