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A sestina of addiction

by lostchild445

I had to write a sestina for English, and I feel like a lot of people here can relate to it, so please don’t judge me too harshly. I can’t pretend to be a poet, but still I feel the need to share this.

I woke up, dry mouth
Coughing, sputtering, the light
From the sun burning my eyes
The taste of the drink
from my stupor last night
I stumbled forward, and opened the door

I walked forward, passing through each door
A bad taste in my mouth
Reminding me of my life at night
Devoid of all the good, all the light
The bottle held against my lips the drink
That poured blood in my eyes

Everyone looked at me with vacant eyes
I tried to walk a new path, open a new door
But I slipped in the puddle of drink
I hit the ground, blood running from my mouth
I watched as the room grew dim; gone is the light
It was pitch black, black as the fevered night

Maybe it was many, or perhaps just a single night
I could not see for I had closed my eyes
Faded and blurred was the light
Shut behind some far away door
Choked up voice, closed mouth
I could not stomach another drink

The room was left with a glass of water to drink
Each day of work brought another cold night
The pills hid under the tongue in my mouth
I shivered as silent tears fell from my eyes
Open for safety was the door
On for security were the lights

Brighter now shines the light
The tongue does not demand the drink
Half closed remains the door
Longer are the days and shorter is the night
I can see life return to my eyes
And no longer does a desert burns inside my mouth

Yet still, the drink tempts my mouth
That half open door catches my eyes
The light will never completely illuminate the night.

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EvilOni22 2/25/2014 - 1:00 am

Not too bad. Ty for sharing.

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