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Feeling really broken

by Engeltje

So today I got my first session of EMDR therapy (finally, after 2 years waiting and nagging for it). I get EMDR, because I have a trauma. It was really tiresome, and I cried like almost the whole session. It was really confrontational, because I had to tell about the incident that occupies me the most. But I’ve never told anyone about it, so that was really tough for me. Then I had to keep in mind the part of that incident which scares me the most, and explaining that. After that I had to focus on that and follow a LED-light that went from left to right and then from right to left. I had to do some more things at the therapy, but I’m really not in the mood to tell that. Afterwards I was really tired, had a headache and not in the mood to do anything. Still I am, and I’m going to sleep now (it’s 11:20 pm now here), wishing for a good night, because you can get really worse nightmares of it they say.

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