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by maxwell

We all have our own stories some may be worse than others but Every scar that buries deep within my skin holds its own story, every one of them shows a victory, its showing that I have won yet another battle with life, so why hate me and judge me for what lies on my arm, you don’t judge a soldier for a battle wound or scars because he got that fighting a war for his life, I did the same thing I have won a war for my life and these are the wounds and scars that have been left behind for me to bare forever In constant reminder of the story that lies behind them, what gives you the right to judge someone for what has happened in their life when you have no idea what it was like to be them, everyone has their own problems and deal with them in different ways some may be stronger than others are I’m clearly not strong enough to make it out perfect, nobody is perfect and I’m far from it, but I’m still here today fighting for my life yet another day baring the cuts and scrapes from my past and now into my future, why should cuts and scars on a person change how you see them or treat them there still the same person as before and they might have their own shit going on in their life without having to be treated and looked upon differently by society we are normal people just like everyone else we just bare memories from our past that will never fade, ridiculing and separating us from society isn’t going to help us we want to be normal just like you but we find it hard already to do so, don’t make it any harder on us

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cephalus 4/28/2015 - 6:13 pm

Reminds me a bit of The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.

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