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Why am I so stupid?

by ismedyl

I started to talk to this girl that I met at the strip club. She’s a stripper and we understand each other because we have had similar situations. Been through the same stuff I know her real name and I have her real number and I know things about her and her life that people don’t just give out. But because of her profession which by the way I respect, given her circumstances she has a kid and all and you gotta do what you gotta do well anyway her profession makes me feel like she could be playing me but I recently figured out she wasn’t playing me because she kept trying to get me to come through to see her because it was a slow night and everything I told her I was low on cash since I just started a new job and I won’t get paid for 2 weeks and she asked again and I told her that I was really was hoping I was wrong and I accused her of playing me but I was wrong and now she won’t talk to me and she was so perfect… Pretty smart funny fun to hang out with great body perfect smile and I lost her and now I am completely suicidal just like I was the weeks before I met her I just want to die so bad I’ve had a bad year of getting my heart broken time and time again I can’t take another one you know? I fell in love with this girl and I screwed it up like I did with so many others. FUCK MAN! Why can’t God just let me be happy


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passionforalways 9/18/2015 - 9:16 am

We all make mistakes. She should forgive you. I always forgive others but … others didn’t forgive me at all. I know how it is to feel unforgiven..once they are gone they are gone. Maybe you should try to rreach her one more time?! I dunno

a3b2c1 9/18/2015 - 10:47 am

I concur with passion…you should’ve given it another shot. You’re not alone I made heaps of stupid mistakes with girls. I grew up with a lot of insecurity so I didn’t feel I was worthy of being loved and so I wouldn’t do the things that people do to get it. I’d make great impressions with very attractive girls but not get their numbers then kick myself for not doing so. I mean I did date, but I could’ve dated much more if I didn’t hate myself so much.

Maybe she was being genuine with you but girls in that environment are opportunists-so even if you dated her for a while, there’s a risk of her cheating on you because she’s a stripper. If you’re looking for a more serious relationship-find a girl in a job that’s not exposed to so many men.

melodychild 9/18/2015 - 4:49 pm

I think you were right to be suspicious. I was a stripper for a bit, and I didn’t care about the guys I texted. I also didn’t give them my real name though. And I knew plenty of other girls that strung their men along just for the money, They had them so hooked. She should understand that you were just being careful. Hopefully she’ll give you another chance.

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