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So many things that should probably be said;

I don’t even know where to begin; and, i’m just really not the type to dwell…But nonetheless they need be.

Maybe i’m just to stupid to; not… to; dwell. (Anyway, how’r all you stars?)…*Dizzy  ;{P

You know? I used to want to be in the military…but now, all my naive suppositions are more or less confirmed… and this capitalism shit is kind of resonating as well…(there’s just a level of living that people need to go on) With this and that, I’ve never been against hard work, I’ve just always come to the point that it never pays off…(Never learned from it); running in place counter clockwise is really dumb… huh?

I don’t smoke weed anymore. But that’s just somewhat because my brain melted after being butt plugged and drinking yager bombs…Psychosis- the disassociation from mere clairvoyant trains of thoughts…(That’s my ideology anyway) I want to make a difference in peoples lives before it comes to that. For whatever reason you disassociate yourself from common trains of thought, just remember that nature doesn’t care.

All I ever did was try to get drunk…all I ever did was get drunk

whether you see through the “selfishness” of it or not,

I suppose I’m just a rotten fruit.


Check out vinnie paz’s verse

“Get money”- “parsimony= nikka*”…parsimony=economy inuse as a means to an end… “parsi mony *latin- to economize…one way or another

12341055_860013620785872_6565491376137621020_n (1) We’re all painted up one way or another…Divide and conquer.

1 It’s a new age I suppose, maybe we all just don’t make the “cut”…don’t be a mere ratchet

12038269_1470125236627476_3010495255612882323_n Don’t even get me started about how I was “permenantly expelled” from highschool when I was 14…



…maybe Toxoplasma Ghondii is smart enough to make me want to fast

*Military> rudimentary insight…I was such a fool


Titled: Shooting Stars I’m all Alone

……….I really want to see you succeed.

Put your life to better use?


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Nobody likes me

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