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Yay for me

by mranony

I’m proud of myself. And this time, there’s no sarcasm added. I don’t know. Like, I’m ready to die since last week and decided to do it now but DECIDED not to. Like fuck. I already prepared my notes and shit. Not sure if I’m happy or will be happy with my temporary decision but nevertheless I’m proud of it.


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sportsnut 3/1/2016 - 7:07 am

and I’m proud too.. I made that decision too.. had a miracle happen last week… hang in there

mranony 3/1/2016 - 7:18 am

Thank you X)
I’m proud of you too. And I’m glad that a miracle happened to you. Yay for us X)

sportsnut 3/1/2016 - 7:44 am

keep up the good work and keep in touch

Randall 3/1/2016 - 7:17 am

Yay for you. Nice.

mranony 3/1/2016 - 7:19 am

Thank you X)

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