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Acceptance is crucial. Kind of. And it happens to be relatively difficult for me sometimes. But I’m getting there. I have to accept that no one cares, no one loves me, needs me, or wants me. I’m insignificant and unimportant to anyone but myself. It use to pain me so much and it’s still upsetting but I now realize that even though it’s not ideal, I’m all I have, and all I need. I didn’t get very many good things in this life, but the one’s I did get I am grateful for. I’ve been holding off on writing my suicide note because I want to be in the right mind set when I do so. And I want to say all I need to say and to finish those last little things before I go. All I have is the small hope and faith and belief, and I shall hold onto that. This isn’t my last post, I still have until my birthday to go through with killing myself, but I’m accepting of it now (: which is a big step for me. So, stay lovely, and remember you are. Love from Hailee.

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