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The beginning

by pooter2

April 4th, 2008 I met the boy who i knew would be the one i want to marry.

It was the Spring Fling dance at Live Oak Park in Temple City, CA. It was filled with 6th, 7th and 8th graders. I was in 7th grade and one of my good friends and I wanted to see who could dance with the most guys that night. So i went around and started shaking my butt for 3 seconds on random boys. At the end of the night, i was talking to a boy who i thought was cute till i found out he was in 6th grade. My friends were all around me and we were talking and laughing outside since the dance was over, and some boy (Carlos Mota), interrupted. He said, are you Savannah? And i said yes… and he said do you know Gibby? and i said who? and he said Gibby, Andrew Gibson? And i said no… and he said well he thinks your cute. By the time i looked at my friends to ask them if they knew who he was, i looked back and that boy was gone. My best friend at the time, Mia, said Oh my god Savannah, Gibby is the hottest 8th grader at our school! He plays flag football, hangs out with jojo torres, the guy Alex (one of our other friends) has a crush on! But still i didnt know who they were talking about and i couldn’t put a face to him because it was dark inside the dance area and i went around dancing with a lot of boys that night. So then, my friends and i walked over to the building across the way, to get our bags. A group of boys approached us, about 5-7 boys. And the one who liked me, came up to me and said hi, I’m Andrew Gibson, will you be my girlfriend? And i laughed and said, i dont even know you… and his friends were saying, cmon give him a chance dont be mean! And i took my friends side kick, and pretended it was my phone, and we exchanged numbers. I told him i’d give him a call with my answer. Two days later, i call him and said yes i’ll be your girlfriend, meet me in front of school tomorrow at the black gates.

That was it. April 6th 2008, Andrew Gibson was the one i fell madly in love with. When summer came, he was always in football practice because he was entering the 9th grade and i was in summer school going into 8th. We were together for about 3 months. During the summer, my friend Lynn and I walked about 8 miles to go to his house. He was home alone with his friend, and walking over there, my friend was asking if we were going to do anything. I was so nervous thinking what if he wanted too, I’m not ready for that! But we went over there and just watched t.v and hung out for a few hours and left. It was hard to see each other because we were so young and it was summer. Unfortunately, I thought this guy in my class liked me, so i wanted to break it off with Andrew because it seemed more easier since me and this kid, Nick Kaneko would be in the same school where as Andrew would be in high school. I asked Andrew to ride his bike to my friends house before he went to football practice, and i broke up with him on July 16, 2008. He was really sad and his eyes filled with tears as he rode off to practice. The next day i found out this kid Nick didnt even like me or want me and he was hitting on some girl name Nina. I went to find this girl to say who does she think she is. Long story short, this girl turned out to be my best friend and still is till this day. We both left that boy behind and started a really close friendship.

I tried to contact Andrew to tell him i wanted to get back with him, but when he found out i broke up with him for someone else, he didnt want me back. He said i broke his heart and he was too scared i’d do it again. So from that day on, i decided i would never ever give up on getting him back no matter what. I called him almost everyday for that summer, and then it turned into every other week, to every so often during the month, to every other month or so. Sometimes he wouldn’t answer but when he would answer, we would talk for hours and hours. At the end of the every phone call i would say i love you no matter what and he would just say i know. He was my Teddy Bear and i was his Honey Bunny. I never stopped trying to get back with him for years. Throughout the time we broke up, there were people i dated and he too as well. But it never stopped my love for him. Everyone knew that i always wanted to be with Andrew Gibson and if he were to come back to me at any point in time, i would always be there. I would never stop chasing him because i knew i loved him and i could never feel the way i did with him, with anyone else.

When i entered 9th grade, i wasn’t sure how to act around him. He would kinda stay his distance from me and would occasionally glance at me and i would always smile really big. I sat a table for lunch that was near where he sat. We would stare at each other and i would be all jittery with butterflies in my tummy. I was so in love with him regardless of my boyfriends in between. We didnt really talk much besides look at each other once in awhile. But all his friends new i was in love with him and they would tease me about it. There was one day i will never forget, which was when i first got my glasses, and i went to the bathroom during class. I was walking in the hall way and he was passing by with his friend and he said, “You got glasses? They look cute on you.” And i smiled and said thank you…. and once he turned the corner i started skipping and jumping and texting all my friends, “GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT ANDREW GIBSON TOLD ME I LOOK CUTE WITH MY GLASSES!!” I was so happy that he called me cute. Just that coming from him meant everything to me. I loved him, and i still and always will.  It was always random when he would take the time to acknowledge me and when he did, it was the best feeling in the world. Most of the days, he would just look at me and keep walking with his friends. He knew i wanted him still.. in fact everyone in the high school knew. All of his friends in his grade would tell me… you are obsessed with Gibby and i would just be like YUP! I loved that kid more then he’d ever know and i was dying to get him back. No one really knew that we would occasionally talk on the phone for hours long but my friends.

As a sophomore, i ended up switching schools and so did he for his junior year. We were farther apart now. But it still didnt stop our random late night phone calls. There was a few times we actually went on a date to the movies but he would stop talking to me for a whole month or two after. It would always get me all worked up thinking i had a chance with him but he still wasn’t ready.

After awhile i did not see him much unless his football team was playing against our old school or my new school.

April 16, 2011 and we bumped into each other at my friends kick back. I was already buzzed and i had a bottle of tequila. I saw him and got so excited! He was with his friends from his new school so i gladly introduced myself as his ex girlfriend who still loved him. I kept trying to give them some of my drink because i wanted him to be on my level. We made out!!! I was so happy until the next door neighbor said they were calling the cops cause there was about 50-70 people there. So everyone scrammed. I told Andrew to keep in touch and to respond to me! That night i went home and messaged him on Facebook and told him that i had fun with him and that i still really liked him. Then i see that he had asked another girl to prom the week after and i got so upset. Why didnt he ask me? So after i told him how i felt, i stopped talking to him.

Towards the end of June, i got a call from a blocked number and the guy said, this is Gibby, i know you still want me lets get back together. I knew it wasn’t Andrew so i hung up. I called Andrew and i said, Hi and he said Who’s this, I said its Savannah. He said, Oh hey whats up how are you and my heart dropped… thinking to myself, oh my gosh oh my gosh.. and i said I’m good how are you and he said I’m good I’m about to go to the gym with Victor and i said oh sorry i don’t mean to bother but i was wondering did you just call me? And he said no i got a new phone so i didn’t even have your number and i said oh okay someone prank called me pretending to be you but never mind anyways don’t want to bother you and he said no its okay how you been? What are you up too? And i said oh not much just looking forward to summer and he said we should hang out next week, and i said yeah just text me and he said okay bye! Oh my gosh my heart was racing an i ran to my sister to tell her!

The following week we had planned for him to come over. I was so nervous, and i knew he was too because he said what are we going to do and i said i don’t know what ever you want and he said lets just watch a movie. I could tell he was scared we would have sex. So i went to meet up with him up my street and we walked to my house together, and we both had huge smiles on our face. It was really hot outside, and i was wearing black jeans and a sweatshirt. So when we got to my house, i showed him my room and then i said I’m going to change really quick as i started taking my pants off. He was like oh okay and started to close the door and i said no its okay you don’t have to close it and he was just staring at me, and then it happened. Before i could put on my shorts, he started kissing me and i told him, are you sure you want to do this and he said yes. As much as i would love to go into detail about it, some things are better kept as memories in which i will cherish.

So after that day, surprisingly he kept talking to me and we dated for 2 months until i went to his little sisters birthday party on August 13 2011. We were in his room watching a movie, an he said i have to ask you something an i said okay, and i was really scared. He said no no never mind and i said no tell me! And he said… will you be my girlfriend? and I said are you kiddiScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.27.34 PMng me!!! YESS!!! and we kissed! I sent out a mass text to all my girlfriends that have known since day 1 that i wanted him back when we broke up years back. Then he said i need to tell you something an i said okay… and he said i don’t know if i should say it and i said no tell me! And he said, i love you. And then again i sent out a text saying OMG HE JUST TOLD ME HE LOVES ME!!! Of course i said it back because i have been saying it to him over the years! It was the best day of my life. I have never felt more content in life. Those years of wishing every night at 11:11 to make him want me back, or to be back with him, or to marry him and every candle i blew out on my birthday wishing he would come back to me and now it finally happened!!

But there was one thing that scared me…… I wouldn’t be chasing him anymore. I wouldn’t be calling him and having those late night hours talking to him and telling him i love him and him not saying it back. There wouldn’t be those sparks of “oh my gosh he talked to me” anymore. I finally got him back, and i felt a sense of confusion. I wanted him back so bad but i was terrified to loose him again. He promised me we would never break up and we would get married. He knew i was the one…

That was the beginning of our journey.


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HERE4UOK 5/25/2016 - 8:03 pm

Beautiful teen story. Brought some memories back.
Waiting for the next installment 😉

pooter2 8/30/2016 - 9:08 pm

Thank you, stay tuned, it should be up within this month of september. Its just been one hectic past 4 months for me.

day2day 5/25/2016 - 9:07 pm

Nice story glad things turned out well for you. I’d strongly advise against using any real names. There’s many weirdos and creeps on the internet.

pooter2 8/30/2016 - 9:09 pm

Thank you for the advice, i will keep that in mind.

gwerg 5/26/2016 - 3:20 am

Glad its working up until now. But it always scares me when people say “promise we will never break up, we are going to marry no matter what” because the future is always unpredictable no matter what you believe. I am afraid if something were to happen between you two it would be realllllly bad. Good luck though, hope you guys keep going happy together.

pooter2 8/30/2016 - 9:07 pm

No this story is the beginning to only the end. I am not done, but it is hard for me to talk about the break up, so yes it was a reaaallllyyy bad break up. Thanks for reading.

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