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Theres no place to hide

by lissbabe

We all have a safe place whether or not it’s a treehouse, a closet or even a space in your bedroom there’s always somewhere to go, but not with feelings. Depression is on of those things you’ll never get rid of, you’ll think your fine for either a couple if days, weeks or even months could be years but some day it’ll come back and bite you, and there’s no hiding no matter what you plan to do. Always faking that happy smile so no one asks you questions, so you don’t feel like your bothering people with all this self hate and sadness. People say it’s easier talking things out then keeping stuff locked up inside however how can you talk to people when all your trust has been thrown out the window like the feeling of no one caring is always there, that your just bothering someone. There’s never going to be a place to hide from depression.

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shatterediris 7/6/2016 - 6:27 am

No sadly there isn’t a place to hide 🙁 And no it’s not easier to express how you feel and talk about it with others, it’s much easier to just keep it to yourself so much less work…. It’s better for you though to express it and talk with others, it sort of makes it hurt a bit less sometimes….

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