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Thinking I’m done.

by falling_soup

I promised my best friend here at school that I wouldn’t  kill myself or cut, honestly i can’t keep that promise. I feel so depressed. I feel so lonely. I broke up with my boyfriend and now I can’t think straight. I can’t anymore. I am sorry. I am going to self harm for now again until I can get some courage to end it.

Love Always,



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trixy42 9/3/2016 - 6:46 pm

You’re so young and need to ask for help and find hope again. Please try to talk with your friends or someone who can help 🙁 I send big hug to you

Oathkeeper 9/4/2016 - 4:25 am

Promises can be powerful things…if you let them, but I know the desire for cutting will outweigh that sometimes. Try to resist the urge to… How come you broke up? It sounded like things were going kinda good for you there? I’m sorry to hear that.

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