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Had great plans for today

by Wintergirl

Today is my first of two days off. It’s been a long week. Work has me pulling my hair out. Seriously tired of caring so much but nobody else does. I’m worthless.  I planned on getting so much done today. I got some of it done, but not nearly as much as I’d like to. There is still time in the day but I’m drinking now, as is everyone else in my house. I am not a productive drunk. I’d rather just sit around and do nothing once I start drinking. There’s always tomorrow.


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Wintergirl 2/18/2017 - 5:29 pm

We planned on having olive burgers and potato salad for dinner I’m definitely too drunk to operate the grill at this point but I made the potato salad atleast. It’s got hard boiled eggs in it so I think it will count as dinner when I finally decide to eat. 🙂

Wintergirl 2/18/2017 - 5:49 pm

I can give you my recipe now, just because I’m afraid I will forget to post it later. Basically it’s just plain hamburgers with a sauce made of chopped green olives, tomatoes and mayo or miracle whip..soooo good.

Wintergirl 2/18/2017 - 6:29 pm

It’s like mayo but lower calories and fat, lighter taste.

allstarofsuicide 2/18/2017 - 7:47 pm

Plan your days off better.. I don’t know.

Wintergirl 2/18/2017 - 8:28 pm

Pretty much.

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