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September 16th, 2017by Urm8451n

I recently had gotten 2 mind changing comments on some of my posts. It flooded me with thoughts, and eventually it made me decide the following.

I will start posting updates about changing one’s life from the worst to the best (I’m gonna be the guinea pig). Perhaps it is going to be taking some years, or maybe just months, but it will be “recorded” here, and solely for you.

Few FAQ before I start:
How is it related? – It is totally related as coping skills and will give real life examples.
Why would you do it? – Because I want to change, and I’m having hard times at life. Committing to such a World-wide community, will give me the power to keep on.
How will it work? – I don’t and won’t plan the whole thing. It should follow few basic concepts -> Frequently, Openly, General, Honesty, and scaling.

Back to the point: Let me know what you think? Let me know what aspects should be brought upon this “series of posts”? and in general, share with me your Ideas.

Since I don’t want this post to be removed, I will write here the post of day 1# :

Setting goals for long term: 1. minimize the use of social media applications (ex: facebook, tinder, whatsapp, etc…)
Reason -> Everybody is too busy showing off how great their life is, and make fantasies about what is normal.
2. Workout more often. [reasons for why to do are obvious] 3. Go to sleep early, and wake up early.[reasons for why to do are obvious]

I have a great test to study for, so tomorrow I’m going to fight myself waking up early, and studying as best as I can. I will upload later on this week about coping with “procrastination”  and how to improve capacity.

Also I want to point out the feeling of being lonely. Right now coping with this will be through: 1. Focusing on studying and progress at hobbies [ in this case -> workout and studies]. 2. Decreasing the use of web/phone/media communication. 3. Going outside [doesn’t matter why or where] and staying at an open place for 30+minutes.

That’s all for now. Stay strong, Be brave, yours -> Jac.

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