Hello hello.

  October 3rd, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide


I read this site, I do.

I read it to see what’s going on with you people, my fellow sumaratins.

I read to provide input and try to put myself in your shoes.

A few days ago, I was above the weather and checked this site to see many of you with your head under.

I hoped to see a positive post, but found this site lacked a single one that day.

Relationships awry, family struggles, money matters, invalid sense of worth.

Some of you with plans in place to go.

Some of you trying to decide on one of many ways.

I, myself, have been keeping busy.

I have finished my album and am doing cover art and trying to get the money to buy instruments for recording or find instruments for very little money somewhere.

I hope it is everything I’ve ever dreamed, but it will be better because my dreams get better as I go.

Just so you know, people are still joking, still laughing, still unusual as ever making things a little easier in tough times. Although you all may have not been joking so much. There are still good people with real joke potential. Laughing always makes me feel better.

You are not alone.

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