The cliff.

  October 22nd, 2017 by Cause of Death: Suicide

Tried walking to the cliff. While reading the book me and my friend were reading while talking of suicide 11 years ago, The Catcher in the Rye. I am on page 67 of 115. If you have not read my other posts, she said she going to overdose on heroin or slit her wrists and I said I would jump off cliff or shoot off my head. There is a part in the book about a Catcher who catches those jumping off the cliff. I will post it when I get to it. It was the best part in the book. She killed herself in March 2015. I have previously stated this cliff is a 7 hour walk and I could not drive because of a fraudulent DUI charge. Usually, I do not wake up early enough to make the walk and it is nightfall before I can get there. I happened to be awake early yesterday so I started walking at 9AM. My phone died half way and I always get antsy if I have nothing to read. I walked 4 hours and then I couldn’t walk anymore. I did not bring a backpack, a snack, or enough water. I was thirsty and starving. It was freezing out and I did not have a jacket. So I got a ride home. I had 3 hours left to walk. She thinks I am just working out, walking for fitness. I tell her the spot holds a special memory for me and that is why I like to visit it. If only it was closer…..

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