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wtf! my older sister called the cops on me for yelling

by sadlife958

Anyways a few months back my sister & my mother disconnected me from their T-Mobile family plan my mother claims she had no idea but it doesn’t matter because in the end my mom took her side & gave her full authority on the family plan. So I had no phone & no way to make phone calls to order food for pickup. So I noticed that the house phone Battery was dead so I inserted it back in its stand & left for a few minutes to charge & when I came back I couldn’t believe what I saw so I yelled at my sister first time were even talking in almost 2 years. & I raised my voice at her for removing the house phone from it’s stand she says to me “it uses power when connected we never use it & I pay the bills” I’m like hello are you serious the phone will freakin stop charging as soon as its full even if connected I lost my cool & yelled in the top of my lungs “THIS IS A HOUSE PHONE WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO USE HOW DARE U FUKIN SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY AS IF I DONT PAY SHIT! DONT EVER LET ME HEAR YOU SAY THAT I PAY BUT IM PAYING DEBTS YOU STARTED PAYING THE BILLS AFTER I FELL IN DEBT FROM MOMS BULLSHIT NOT ONLY DO I OWE $25K + ANOTHER $7K TO OUR UNCLES BUT I FUKIN OWE MOMS LAWAYER WHICH IS ALL ON ME & WHAT DO YOU FUCKS DO YOU REMOVE ME FROM THE FAMILY PLAN AND NOW YOU DISCONNECT THE HOUSE PHONE STOPPING ME FROM ORDER FOOD WITH MONEY THAT I BARLEY FUKIN HAVE! she immediately picked up her phone & dialed 911 I was like WTF ughh my little brother who’s 15 had that disgusted look on his face on my sister as she was dialing 911. I used the house phone made my order and as I was driving down the street I saw a cop coming from the opposite direction going towards my house I couldn’t believe it. After I finished eating my food. my mother who I barely speak to now comes home early leaving work to come & address me about the fight. She was like “your sister helps me she’s a good girl you need to apologize to her & you need to pay a little more on the bills I need help” I laughed I just laughed with tears real tears and called my mother by her first name said “get lost S****a thank you for proving to me that I wasn’t wrong about you” my mother leaves my room crying I never call my mother by her first name and by doing so I just proved that I don’t acknowledge her as a mother . Her and this house destroyed me my dad left nothing but bills & mortgages without a will  and I had no idea how far in debt I was getting myself into I trusted my family but I was only a mere tool.




As you all know I’m still single been single my whole life I’m 26 turning 27 next month. I have 1 young brother and 2 older sisters. The oldest sister is married with 3 kids and  has a great husband. the other one is the one who called the cops on me she brought guys in the house I never said anything. They would sleep over and still I never said anything top it off I’d even drive them to the bus stop before my mom got home(since my mother didn’t tolerate that kind of thing in her house) and my sister & I we were both in our 20s like right now

Anyways I always covered her watched her back and all that stuff as kids growing up I always minded my business and yes she sticked up for me alot of the times but…piss her off and she’ll blow up your secrets in front of everyone in a heartbeat. She’s very aggravated, very lonely, has bad attitude and has zero friends and acceptance from others because she can’t get along with people who she is opposite from. Anyways she’s an aggressive person tough/fat from the outside but weak af in the inside. One day I brought 2 girls who were my friends into my house I didn’t think anyone was home so I was like she what the heck. I come to find my sister was home & she was vivid 5 minutes later she told us “um I called mom and she doesn’t want any girls in this house” I laughed it was the first time I ever brought a girl in my house and I laughed because she brought guys left and right I didn’t fight I didn’t do anything I just apologized to the girls and when they left I didn’t address my sister I let it go until my mother confronted me about it but I still didn’t blow my sisters spot OK 2 years later from there…


2 years later My sister and I had a big fight. It was when I yelled at my little brother who was about 13 at the time. It’s obvious she wants to step in and be the commander of the house and to defend my little brother no matter what even when my brother was wrong but it’s okay for my sister to yell at him np…. and this was at the time when I was realizing what my family was like & I didn’t want my little brother going any wrong path & he was all I really had that was a real family to me. So if saw my brother doing something wrong I wanted to address him in the way that he allowed me & deserved. My brother was talking back to me & I gave him chances & he still was talking back to me so I lost my cool and yelled finally he got the message & chilled out. Than my sister comes roaring like a hurricane down the hall yelling at me

So Anyways I immediately lost my cool on her & pinned my sister to the ground and told her never to interfere when I’m talking to my little brother I let her go and that was that


2 years later today from that incident.. we never talked & we still don’t talk besides that time when she called 911 on me.


Now my older sister is the star of the house. ***** came in to help after she dodged the responsibility of the debts which fell on me thanks to my parents when all damage was already done when I was at my most vulnerable she comes as a hero & now she’s like “I pay the bills in this house yati yati ya… hahaha! My mom of course gives my sister credit and protects her she earns enough money to help!… hope that ***** falls in debt and let’s see how my mom will appreciate her when she can’t pay the bills. Hahahah I’m so Glad to be alone so this is how my life will be well it’s better like this over here alone than over there with them. Should’ve came here long ago before them



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rivets 11/10/2017 - 9:55 pm

My sister tried to pull some shit like this on me when I was 16. Was at my mom’s apartment and they were already having loony time screaming and throwing things. I just walked in to find something to eat and was a little amused by the show, so I stopped right in the hall between the kitchen and the living-room just to watch. My sister noticed and got pissed off that I wasn’t taking anyone’s side in their pointless fight, and she said, “What, are you a tree? A FUCKING TREE?” and threw a lamp at my head. It smashed over my scalp and I had streams of blood pouring over my face. I still just stood there smirking, thinking it was possibly the funniest nonsense I’d ever seen. Then my sister called the cops on me. I was curious to see how it’d play out. The cops got there and they took a good look at the scene and promptly told my sister to stop assaulting people, then took her outside and probably threatened to drive her downtown. She got out of it somehow, but that was the last time she tried any dumb BS like that for a while.

sadlife958 11/10/2017 - 10:07 pm

Hahahah I love how you kept your cool despite getting hit in the head. I wouldn’t have patience for that. But I give you probs. My coworker told me to yell at my sister anytime I felt like it that way when she xceeds the usless amount of times in dialing 911 the cops will finally get onto her shit and tell her to stop calling before she gets introuble.

User Unknown 11/10/2017 - 10:13 pm

You shouldn’t call your mom by her first name regardless on how mad at her and don’t call your sister a b*tch Don’t do that

sadlife958 11/10/2017 - 11:20 pm

Oh it’s deserved all right for both! It would be an essay if I explained everything but check this link out and maybe you’ll change your mind


God bless thanks 🙂

Cause of Death: Suicide 11/11/2017 - 7:38 am

Sounds like your sister is retarded

sadlife958 11/11/2017 - 10:37 am

Yes big time and my mother to for taking her side my mom was like “she was just afraid when you yelled at her” my sister she even told me “every time you yell at me or raise your voice at me I’m just going to call the cops” hahaha I’m like saying to myself “you’re f***kin 29 years old grow da faq up!” And she Stays calling the cops.

My coworker was so Disturbed when I told him about this he was like “man you should purposely yell at your sister that way the cops will come and they will get annoyed and it will start to become a false alarm call and she’ll get in trouble because as long as there’s no assault there is no probable cause and no reason for your sister to call” I was like “nah man I’m too stressed out to argue” & I really don’t have energy to fight I’m fighting with myself trying to figure out how to live & not end it.

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