December 19th, 2017 by lonewolf23

I hope nobody hurts my mom. She drives for Uber and she makes some nice money doing it. I just hope none of these butt-hurt taxi cab drivers do anything stupid that’ll piss me off. I understand that Uber and Lyft is kicking taxi bumpers left and right but there’s no need for these taxi drivers to take out their frustrations on my mom who isn’t trying to hurt anyone.  She’s just trying to make a living just like they are. My mom tells me stories about how taxi drivers ***** and complain to her about how they ain’t getting as many customers as before due to Lyft and Ubers’ lower prices. I  hope their frustrations stay at a bitching level for their sake and not something physical, otherwise if they lay a hand on my mom then they’re gonna have problems with me. Punk @$$ taxi driver was trying to blame my mom for his shitty situation just cuz she drives for Uber. So i got a message for taxi drivers ; “Quit complaining to Uber and Lyft drivers cuz they ain’t your therapists and they definitely ain’t your punching bags. If your taxi job sucks now due to less customers then either quit being a pu$$y about changing jobs or quit bitching. Its really that simple. ***** and complain to the taxi bosses if you got problems with your taxi job. And don’t complain to your customers switching preferences cuz that’s just really low of you. Life ain’t fair sometimes. I understand that not every taxi driver is an @$$hole but I’m talking about those who are salty about the change in the current. If i lose my cashier job tomorrow to a machine then tough shit for me but I’m not gonna ***** and complain. Sure I’ll be upset but I’ll learn the skills necessary to survive or even thrive in the new world. Things will never be the same so get used to that concept. Change is inevitable. Change is happening continuously. It’s not always morally right but neither is violence against false targets like my mom. Keep your savage anger to yourselves or an actual punching bag. Other humans don’t want any of it. Anyways just needed to rant a little. Oh and when i said I’d do something about it, I meant legally. I can’t call savages out if i act just like them. I’m only worried about my mom’s safety, which is why i take this situation very personal. Otherwise i wouldn’t give a crap about public transportation disputes. I guess every job has it’s dangers including a cashier position believe it or not.

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