i’m just…lonely?

  January 15th, 2018 by thetrashmen

I’m not particularly striking, I suppose.

Not lightskinned, my nose is big

Just generally unappealing

I’ve worn an afro for about 4 years now

turns people off, or the ones I’m trying to attract at least.

I oversexualize myself in a way that seems to push people away even more.

I’ve this ridiculous tendency to be both loud and overtly inappropriate

I’m aware of it but,,, it’s just the way I am, I suppose.

I’m so good at repulsing everyone and I’m just

at this developmental stage in life where everyone else is changing and I’m just…not?

Dying hair, getting piercings, finding interests

I suppose I’ve gone through that phase already

but I’m just. stagnant at this point?


I have this soft spot for white boys and I’m just so

not very attractive to any of them.

There doesn’t seem to be a point to anything

or even this post.

I’m just kinda tired

it seems to be my only character trait.


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