February 19th, 2018 by eternaldarkness

Why do siblings deny they got treated better that the others? My sister and I got treated like crap, while my other sister and brother were treated like the two “golden” children. The “golden” child thinks there’s no issue, that we were all treated poorly. Yeah right. And that we think it’s just “favoritism.” Really? Telling 2 of your children they’re pieces of sh*t and that you wish they weren’t born, and telling your other two children how “precious” they are, goes well beyond “favoritism.”

People who get treated better *always* deny they get better treatment. Why is that? It’s not just with siblings. It’s with co-workers and bosses. It’s with teachers and students. It’s with customers and clients. People are *not* all treated the same. Yet those who get treated better almost always deny they got better treatment.

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