im feeling weak again.

  February 1st, 2018 by Elysianvinyl

I went back to school and work today, after nearly a week of staying in bed. Ive been eating less than 400 calories a day, but at this point i don’t even feel hungery.

Things have been looking better for me, but i feel so selfish for not being happy. I feel numb and sluggish, and i am anxiety stricken every moment of the day.

My mother hasnt been home much, so i dont have to deal with her as much as i usually do. Ive had a break from the screaming.

although my mother is screaming at me, my brain is hollering at the top of its lungs. Everything is buzzing and it wont stop, i can feel the pain all the way through my fingertips.

numbess and buzzing isnt a good combination. My heart feels heavy, my feet are dragging.

I havent cut in 6 weeks but im craving the blade again.

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