Im not racist but life could have been easier for me if I was white

  February 8th, 2018 by Letmyheartsing

This is a deep song about racism but there’s both perspectives. Both sides makes a lot of sense. I’m not racist, but neither am I pro-black. I am black but my dads biracial which means I had a white grandma, but sadly she passes away back in 2009 I believe(my mom didn’t take me to her funeral because she didn’t like my dad). My white relatives live way out in the suburbs of Ohio, and when I tell you they are racist believe me! My mom told me stories that my dad told her.
My white grandma was attracted to black men but her parents didn’t like her because she was attracted to black men so they kicked her out. She had a baby(my dad) and I guess she came to visit and they said “get that ****** baby out my house!”.
As a black person I’m raised to believe that it’s easier for the white man to get by. But being black you have to work 10x hard. It’s depressing to think about.
So sad, I’ll never be able to to see my white relatives. At least I saw my grandma.
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