Sick day

  February 21st, 2018 by ataria-coronaria

I woke up this morning covered in hives. I still feel an oncoming fever and my lymph nodes are swollen. It hurts to breath. I also have had years of reoccurring tonsilitis and stones and they are back too. I spent 7 hours last night trying to clean and reorganize my moldy, dusty, shared basement in an attempt to de litter my life and combat stress. But, it seems to have been a bad idea because now I’m soooo sick.

I was saying two days ago if I have to live in my awful house with this shitty life much longer, I think I’m going to die. But now it feels like it’s true that the end is nigh. I know that just sounds over dramatic but, as if I wasn’t already depressed and stressed out about everything enough. I gotta be sick too, continueing my sleep in until 7pm cycle.

On top of this, my chronic pain issue has been acting up way more lately to the point I can’t move. Everything sucks ?

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