World so cold…

  February 19th, 2018 by BrokenAngel8

A amazing weekend ruined. I don’t get why does she have to fucking ruin everything. I never get any respect in my own home. No one every fucking sticks up for me. But when I did attempt all I get told is too shut up and stop being immature by my mother. But yet my sister pretty much mocks and makes fun of my boyfriend all weekend when hes not in the room and nothing gets done to defend him or me. So it was pretty much me sticking up for him and all he does is tell me it;s ok.

Umm NO! it’s not even close to being fucking ok. I never make fun of my sisters boyfriend. Even though my sister is a complete psycho *****! But yet she thinks its ok to be rude towards mine. She knows the stress I’m under but yet she does as she fucking pleases. If she don’t be careful her body might be found in a ditch someday. Not by my hand of course. But because she ran her mouth to the wrong person and karma finally catches up with her.

I mean I love her and all but I am just tired of being disrespected in my own home and having this drama bullshit causing me to be a crying emotional mess in front of everyone and humiliate myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if my boyfriend left after this. To be truthful I wouldn’t blame him. Who would want to be with a wreck like me.

Lets go see if I can go end everything and get to meet god today. Amen!

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