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by felo-de-se

I thought I was getting better. I’m wrong. I’m so fucking wrong and I hate it.


It’s only my first time here, but I think I’ll be returning a lot. Because I’m a piece of shit, who is so natural and inclined to drive anyone who get closes to me, away, I don’t have anyone. People keep saying “think about your friends and family! How they would feel if you do it!”

lmao. My family won’t give a shit, and I have no friends that would care. I saw that cringe-inducing post that have this short story about what would happen when you off yourself and shit, yknow. And it’s fucking amusing because NONE of it would happen. Don’t try to pin all situations to one outcome. They’d just held my funeral (because it’s compulsory to do so in my religion) and I bet none of them would even feel mournful about me gone. None of them cares. All they do is hit and shout at me. Days where they don’t I’m just expecting it to happen. idk. i just need a push to end it all

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