Can a suicide note stand in place of a notarized will?

  July 10th, 2018 by hyperballad

I’m trapped. I desperately want to die but doing so would leave my partner in a terrible position financially and as such could lose her daughter and her dog. My mother recently passed and has left me her entire estate in her will. I have been struggling against these feelings for so long and do not want to live another day. I have massive amounts of Seroquel and other rx drugs for the taking and I just want to take a walk to the woods tonight with a case of beer and down as many of them as I can. If I provided a written and recorded statement that expresses that I chose to end my life and that I want all of the inheritance that is coming to me to be passed on to my partner instead so that she can afford to live and keep her family together, along with the contact info for both my mother’s attorney and paralegal, would there be any chance for that to be taken as valid? I live in New York.

I am so at the end of my rope and I just don’t want to create any more damage than I already have in my life.

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