Pointless life

  July 31st, 2018 by doesntmatteratall11

A year ago i was at this same point thinking life is meaningless and that i should just end it all, but now a year later i can confirm that, the last year i had spent in a relatioship, i didnt feel pointless and my life was meaningless because i had love, but i was still depressed, ive turned to drugs and that the only way i feel normal, i dont do hard drugs just yet but i can tell i will one day soon….. i want to give up on life completely, ive quit going to school and its at the end of year 12 im still enrolled just never attend im failing in every aspect in life i have nothing to keep living for, i hate this world i want to get doped up and forget i ever even existed or just die…… im not at the point of suicide yet but ive been there many times before even going to the emergency room at the hospital i dont want to continue livin, everyone is a pointless person so it just doesn’t fucking matter. Ive tried giving my self a reason in life i bought a plant, its kinda helping i enjoy looking at it and seeing it growing, but a plant isnt gonna save me from suicide.

I FUCKING HATE waking up in the morning and just feeling the anxiety depression adn sadness hit me at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know im not gonna last much longer in life, DIE YOUNGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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