All Suffer All Pain All Humiliation

  August 31st, 2018 by Yikrens

It are happening circumstances which are questionable at all.

All of my 4 Bikes are broke, one has kicked till the Wheel can’t turn anymore.

My mother probably lost her work because I had worked little there but broke the rules.

My Dad lost an entire Nail and is pretending that it’s an old wound. Tbh I didn’t saw it anytime before in my Life.

My Granddad died when I was in a Country where Me or my relatives never had been before. As urgent it was, I’ve been kept forcefully in the Country.

My Grandmother turned psychic and died. It is as if I brought our family all this suffering.

I am very weak at all.

Even though I am the first who tries to clear any trouble, even for strangers, even when the perpetrator is 2.5x my Weight.

I can’t see any violence. I turn radical, I want to carry a pepper round in an gas gun.

The whole world is not safe. Security is just something for citizen known for atleast simple century. Business is theirs, work is theirs, society is theirs.

I can’t kill myself, I can’t live. I don’t even believe in truth of anything I wrote.

I can’t believe how selfless my family is for me. It hurts. I would hug my dad but I fear I make him feel weak, bring home to tears. I might disposed my hope underage but I am also the one who brings pain, is dimming the Life of them all.

I can’t run, it is not in me. I can’t fight I’ll never win. I don’t play, we never born on rules.

But please. I never wanted anyone in any obligation or in any right to protect me. If I’m dying I take it. I’ll bleed, it’s probably on me. The state does not exist so human rights won’t.

I do not Lie, but this Post might be full of it and I didn’t even tried.

Actually I would take any Hand offering me to disappear securely in another Life. But also, I can’t trust and can end the next minute under scalpel and no medication for which they take me out or trick my brain for Nanobiology.

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