Suicide and Reasons

  November 19th, 2018 by FreeMyselfFromHell

I would share my comprehensive reasoning for suicide painstakingly compiled over the past decade…

But there’s a chance that people might act on it and fix the problems after I’m gone.

So I won’t 😀

I’ve done my research and found the most likely, least painful method which I can’t share here because the rules here say you are supposed to stay on earth suffering so they can get more use out of you while giving you nothing in return except the ‘privilege’ to suffer even more for even less.

But if I found it, you can too 😛

My only advice for those abandoning this evil hellhole is:

1. Be extremely careful and thorough with choosing and implementing your method. Failure can make your life 9999x worse.

2. Love yourself. You are more than this mortal coil.

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