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The Price of Blood

by CrypticVeins

Softly spoken, harshly put. Drown my lungs beneath the lint.
You don’t know what you ever did, to even writhe the burning flint
To cog the space that missed your place, after you were sold at birth.
You walk around this callous town, 10 times to fetch the worth

Yea, kings and queens, and moderns too, all to try for worth of you
And decades now you curse the act, that ever made you this ones pact
Oh why, that only I should know, what doesn’t rip the ties we sew
But bounding like the calves we were, shielded, before the truth be shown

It’s like a little baby bird, that fell long to it’s death
And even then upon the strike, he’s only paralyzed
To struggle there upon the dirt, beneath the sun, sacrificed
But it’s not over yet, no, the carcass yet to feed the flies

Everything that lives, and everything that dies, was never given choice
Entered at the risk of hell, unless all things rejoice
Yes, hail the god that brought you here, and gave you thorns and thistles
And carved his mark upon your back, using his own initials

I’d bare my teeth if I had any, rotten and misused
From years and years endless demise, trampled, then pursued
Dogs, and dogs, what is the change, only poison can distinguish
Yes only then can it be implied, dispair laid down the crude

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