Stigma and Ignorance RIP

  March 9th, 2019 by SleeplessMind

Tuesday morning I received news of my friend/former lover’s suicide.
His family posted a short “R.I.P. ______ , service Sat. At ________. Everyone welcome” via social media.
Nothing further was acknowledged. No written obituary. Just RIP, and done. Ridiculous, in my opinion.
Avoiding the stigma of having mental health problems seems to be a big concern for people around us suffering. Society doest point the finger at the sufferers if the family denies it’s there..

So, today I write a proper obit to a good man:

J*** H.
Though he was often a man of few words, he made the ones he said count.
His laugh was infectious.. his sadness as well. He was someone who always helped a person in need; from building fences, or repairing roofs for neighbours, to singing/dancing with friends when they were upset (Bedouin Soundclash being a go-to for his slow-dance therapy). He was an amazing father, loving friend, and generous man. There was always kindness, understanding, and sadness in his eyes.
On March 2nd, the sadness overtook this incredible soul, and he took his final breaths strangled by the weight of the world. He was 34.
J***, you were, are, and will always be loved. You will be missed dearly.

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