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Today wasn’t a good day

by crazykidfrommars

Every day is terrible, but today really pushed me over the edge. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to try ODing on my iron pills and finally dying. I hope my family disposes of my body and not leave it there to rot because they’re some horrible people, I tell you. All rotten, all abusive, all evil people.

So, goodbye. This 18 year old is finally breaking free. No more nerve pain, no more mental illness, no more abuse. Nothing. Hopefully I’ll finally be successful this time. I can only pray.


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Hope Dream Love 3/21/2019 - 8:50 pm

I wouldn’t use those if I were you. I can’t see a supplement working. Just making you sick

crazykidfrommars 3/23/2019 - 5:39 pm

You’re right. I ended up getting really sick and missing class yesterday because of the excess iron. There’s always next time.

MOFIMS 4/10/2019 - 11:57 am

glad to know that you’re ok and with your loving family

Todamnbad 3/22/2019 - 1:04 am

Please don’t try to do it, you would only make yourself more miserable. Plus trying to o’d has a very unsuccessful rate. You’re more likely to puke them out than it is to kill you. Take a breather. Take deep breathes, and focus on things you can control. Almost dying doesn’t change anything, death changes everything. Plus you’re so young, 18. You still got a full life to find your purpose

crazykidfrommars 3/23/2019 - 5:40 pm

True. I’m sick of living in pain and abuse every day, though. I don’t think I want to continue.

hope432 3/22/2019 - 4:22 am

No, death doesn’t change anything….
And yes he is very young. I’m sorry for him. It must terrible to have abusive parents. I know from experience.

crazykidfrommars 3/23/2019 - 5:41 pm

Truth. Abusive parents suck.

GoodLuck2UAll 3/22/2019 - 1:37 pm

Good Luck. I hope everthing works out in your favor one way or another.

crazykidfrommars 3/23/2019 - 5:41 pm

Thank you.

ShermanDog 3/23/2019 - 12:23 am

Email me. Trust me. What do you have to loose?

MOFIMS 4/10/2019 - 11:58 am

glad to know that you’re ok and with your loving family

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