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I was almost kidnapped and raped… I lost everything

by itzkourt

I was an escort and I had gotten into a bad situation early this morning where I was almost kidnapped and raped. I was tied up with duct tape by my wrists and ankles, but luckily I escaped with my life and only my phone stolen (thanks to my persuasive abilities at the time). I had lost all my contacts as of now (including the one of my love), but I had an icloud which I could not reach at the moment. The detectives were going to do DNA tests and came to my house with photographs of possible suspects….. They were all my clients before and it had looked like mugshots…………………. one of them was my love… if I were to go to county jail and requested to speak with any of the people who had the same name as my boyfriend, would I be able to?


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rocketman 4/18/2019 - 10:03 pm

Don’t know the answer to that, but i assume that you could, you ask to speak -visit and they decide if they want to see you i’m pretty sure? You are lucky you are not dead, it happens all the time.

a1957 4/19/2019 - 10:07 am

Sorry this happened to you. I read that sex workers are assaulted about every 30 days. That is way beyond horrible.

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