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I don’t really know anymore

by Insomnia disaster

I lay here hopelessly upon my bed
where words seem to fall yet,
they never seem to leave my head
where I sit behind a colourless screen and constantly keep falling in and out of a bad dream.
The net I cast to set me free only ended up tying me up,
threatening to snap at the feel of a touch,
an emotion which is all controlled by the only constant friend,
who whispers in my ears and slowly cripples my self-esteem.
Is this the end?
It feels like I’m dying,
the comfort of my friends only seems to hurt me.
It hurts me to see them happy and free,
I try to feel but in that process, my mind wanders
I feel empty and alone.
I’m trying to function this dysfunctional vessel I try to call ME.

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