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by plasticflower

long time no post!!!

i always randomly remember i have this account right when i need it. a whole lot has happened since the last time i posted anything, and honestly it hasn’t been too bad; bearable, i’d say. obviously, there’s many times i wanna sleep forever (guess who still isn’t able to sleep properly!!!!) but on may of last year i started going to university, so i don’t have much time to do anything basically. it’s definitely been an experience and i’m mostly happy about it; i feel like i chose something i could be good at. i just fear that everything that has happened won’t ever let me rest, let’s say. i don’t know how to explain it.

i’m scared, honestly. i don’t want to be alone again, but i feel like i am… and i don’t know how to feel about that lol. i read my previous posts and they sound really dramatic, though it’s like i conveyed what i was feeling at the time very well; i was able remember most of the things i said after reading them, and very vividly. i suppose i’m not too bad at writing! that’s a relief since what i’m studying has a little bit to do with that? headaches are still going strong, but i’m thinking about talking to someone about everything; my thoughts are getting exhausting

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