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My Coping Method

by moonchild1

As all of you may know, I’ve been harassed lately and now I’ve found a way to cope with my depression. My friends told me that I can’t just hide from society even if that’s the only way to feel better, they also told me that I have to face my fears. A method they think could help was try and meet new friends, which is understandable. And the other one was listen to music that made me feel comforted and special, they suggested a bunch of artist but the one that stand out for me was BTS. so I started listening to their music and it really felt like I was being comforted and especially the lyrics of the songs are just so good. Why I like them was because they help keep my suicide thoughts out of my mind, so I’ve been quiet happy lately. So this August 25th I’m going to there concert with my friends. Cause I have more reasons to live now and that made me and my friends happy.

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a1957 6/16/2019 - 10:46 pm

I just looked up BTS. Wiki says they are the world’s most popular boy band. They must be very good at what they do.

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