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A poisonous mother

by Rainwatch

The nitty gritty of therapy declares you get your head taken off enough as a kid then you start taking off your own head ad infinitum. Other to self (an external force denigrates you repeatedly) self to self ( you start denigrating yourself). My mother took my head off constantly as a kid, a difficult woman, one of the most difficult women on the planet, subject to mood swings, hostile, spiteful, a nurturer of everybody else’s kids except her own. I remember once when I was 9, my brother 7, she was in the kitchen like a demon, clattering plates together, a friend of hers had been boasting how great her kids were and she decided to take it out on us  ” she’s got great kids, what do I have, cabbages”. With a mother like that who needs enemies. I won’t mention her in my suicide note.



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a1957 1/9/2020 - 9:27 pm

Sounds like my mother too.

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