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What’s the point?

by lonewolf23

I’m asking this not because I got dealt a bad hand but rather because I just don’t understand the purpose of life. Even when things were going right in my life I still asked this question and so I’ve always kinda been depressed about life in general. What are we here for? What’s my purpose and whats the purpose of other peoples lives? If this planet will be gone someday then what’ s the point? No one really leaves their mark. That’s just way to make oneself feel better about themselves. 50 years is nothing, 100 years is nothing, 2000 years is nothing, 500,000 years is nothing in comparison to how long this universe has been around….so the smart people say. And if that’s true then that makes me feel insignificant. It doesn’t matter how much I learn or how strong I become physically. I don’t know of a human that can lift 4,000 pounds. Humans like to think we’re so mighty and great but we’re just flesh and blood. it doesn’t matter how tough you think you are….in the end we all perish. In the end even if you Bench Press the Guiness world record there are still more powerful forces than you. This concept of always competing seems like such a waste of energy. Always trying to be the best worker at your job, always trying to be the best partner in a relationship, always trying to be the healthiest, always trying to be the most attractive, always trying to be the most wealthy, etc. It’s all just too much for me. I don’t think I want to be human anymore. It’s such a ***** to live. Why keep going? It’s always gonna go me against the world just like for everyone else. Some love competition but I don’t. I guess it really goes like the saying….only the strongest survive. The weak suffer the burden of feeling like nothing while the strong feel the burden of always having to work their ass off for something that wont last forever. Whether you leave your mark or not it all disappears someday and even when your mark is still here there’s no guarantee anyone will give a shit about what you did in your lifetime. Everything will be gone someday and no one will remember anybody. What’s all the fear about being forgotten if it’s only natural? Everyone will be forgotten eventually someday. And at the end of our life we’re nothing but a lump of disgusting flesh and bone. If you’ve ever seen a dead body before then you know what I mean. It’s a horrible and pathetic sight of our nature. You can be the most attractive live person in the world but as soon as you die and nature decides to take your flesh back……You look like disgusting filth and you stink.


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niki 2/11/2020 - 1:30 am

I can totally relate with everything you’ve said. It’s called an Existential Depression / Existential Crisis. Sadly, most people will not understand. Most people are shallow, simple-minded, selfish, ignorant, & just plain stupid. What you’ve described above is Nihilism. Yes it is very depressing, but sometimes -strangely- it can be quite comforting somewhat, when your life got shitty, you will know that it all doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme of everything in the universe. We are nothing.

Yoges 2/11/2020 - 11:31 am

I can relate to your angst and sympathize. There is no known cure for existential dread. Once it’s contracted, the most beautiful body looks like a walking bag of shit – which it is.
I guess ‘having’ is the sole point of our pathetic lives so long as they last. But then again, what do I know. I’m primitive as fuck.

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