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Advice plz

by chronic Pain

I suffer from chronic pain with the carina virus out break I’m unable to get medication. I have 2 weeks to decide. I can’t find anything that’s sure an painless. I was thinking of trying to o.d but I’m in too much pain to move. Im desperate an suffering intensliy with physical pain.  flnfrmabove7@ yahoo.com


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hope432 4/3/2020 - 3:49 am

Hello there! Although I am not a medical doctor, I use daily natural remedies and they did wonders in my life! I could cure chronic fatigue through the use of lots of vitamins, healthy syrups, tonics, supplements and lots of other natural remedies that you can find in a Health Store. Where do you live? Don’t you have a health store in your country? Perhaps you could find something really great! which really works! You can order on the internet for example or go to the place. There are lots of great products.

Perhaps you also need alternative therapy like osteopathy. It’s very healthy and natural as far as I know.

You could also listen to beautiful music like classical music. Do you like Mozart? You also need something to put you to sleep so that you sleep as much as you need.

DOA 4/3/2020 - 5:54 am

I dont know how much pain you’re in to know if it can help you but I’ll tell you what it helps me with then you can judge for yourself.

To put it basically my lower back is pinching nerves and my lower back is also an S shape. It doesn’t happen as often anymore but there are some days where walking is very painful if not almost impossible. What I take for it is CBD (which is another problem. Unless you’re in Amsterdam it’s probably difficult if not impossible to get. I even have trouble getting it here in canada) I personally prefer the 10ml caramels but I only need half of it. And you can order it online. Just an idea and no it doesnt get you high (just thought I’d add that because a lot of people thinks it does)

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