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by K T

Fuck the law for making those who suffer unbearably commit suicide alone. It’s really unjust…fuck society for either calling us cowards for not being able to commit suicide or selfish when we do.. how dare society hold this bullshit double standard over us..if there’s one thing in my death I believe it’s essential for euthanasia to be legalised in every country for those who wish to die for whatever reason, whether it’s because of personality disorders (Like me NPD) or for physical illness or any other reason.


I don’t get why physical illness is treated different to mental…fuck the law and society..I’ll forever be a coward or selfish in the eyes of many and to them I put my middle finger up!

I am a blackhole I’m never filled or satisfied..that’s what having NPD is like…so if the law has any love/compassion/understanding it would legalise euthanasia..I don’t have time for the past or future anymore I’m just a stream of consciousness..and this is my message to the world.

I’ve been written of as crazy/weird many times and whatever..fuck them cunts and fuck people..I’m done..bye bye..toodaloo motherfuckers.


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Hazy Day Sunflower 4/2/2020 - 8:22 pm

Thank you for sharing your message with me. I don’t have a lot to add. I agree with much of what you have said on allowing folks to die if they so desire.

Juggernaut 4/9/2020 - 6:06 am

I don’t like em.

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